InsightHow Empalis Consulting transformed its business model by building innovative new services

Predatar — 19. September 2018
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Great businesses need smart people and smart tools
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A Passion for Excellence

Empalis Consulting GmbH, based in Stuttgart, brings its deep expertise in IT infrastructure to businesses across Germany. With a rallying cry of “Perfektion geht nur gemeinsam” (Perfection only works together), the team has an attention to detail which is extraordinary, even by German standards.

Known for its breadth and depth of expertise in data storage and protection, the company has a loyal following; it regularly welcomes over fifty participants to its famous “Noon-to-Noon” storage briefings. I recently attended one of these briefings and was impressed by the level of engagement between host and delegates.

Searching for perfection requires constant innovation. This has led Empalis to design and develop a new product range, called Empalis Service Plus. The management team at Empalis realised, that despite having a large team of data protection specialists, they could not be with all their clients as often as they would like. Empalis Service Plus allows the team to provide a continuous delivery of exceptional customer service.

Data Protection is not a part-time gig

As the value of data to a business increases so does the responsibility of ensuring it is always available and protected. Threats, appearing from anywhere across the globe and at any hour, drove Empalis to find a better way to stay closer to their customers. Much closer than the eponymous bi-annual health check. This led them to design Empalis Service Plus, powered by Predatar.

As Markus Stumpf, Technical Operations Director of the Empalis Service Plus team, said; “our primary purpose is to provide confidence and peace of mind; to free the customer so they can focus on their core business.”

Empalis’ development of its tiered packages will place it in the vanguard of companies capable of responding to increasing cloud adoption, enabling it to on-board clients needing managed services very swiftly.

A 5-Star Service

Staff at Empalis can already see how customers are using Empalis Service Plus to improve service levels. Markus Stumpf sees increased customer engagement when using the new service. As one client recently said;

“we no longer see Empalis as an extended partner but as part of the team”.

Frequent flyers know that aircraft manufacturers have sophisticated telematics to constantly check the health of their fleet. This level of protection has contributed to the dramatic rise of air travel safety. For many businesses, data protection is also a life and death matter, which is why Empalis’ new product is nothing short of a revolution in customer care. Customers know the Empalis team are constantly keeping an eye on their systems for any sign of trouble and applying their own telematics for greater insights.

Changing Cultures

In 2019 Empalis will celebrate its thirtieth anniversary. As well as having a loyal customer base, the company enjoys a strong sense of community within the organisation.

Empalis Service Plus is more than a new product. It is at the core of a new people strategy which prepares the business for the future. Its leaders recognise that whilst they have been the beating heart of the business for many years, a succession plan is essential to bring in new people with new ideas.

Especially in Germany, which is known for its tight labour market and ageing workforce, having more recruitment options is vital. Empalis Service Plus has allowed the company to hire engineers who are not prepared to travel and bring on new talent, whilst also increasing customer responsiveness. Alina Mot, the recently promoted CEO of Empalis, had this to say:

“Empalis Service Plus has given our business a new direction and new sources of revenue, which makes the future very exciting.”

Empalis is not standing still. The new CEO is navigating the transition from traditional consulting to modern service delivery.

The Predatar team are proud to support this programme to help ensure the company remains highly relevant, for many years to come.