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Andreas Diefenbach — 04. March 2023
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Pressemitteilung der IBM vom 02.03.2023 Cohesity

IBM will work with Cohesity in the future to help companies combat security breaches and cyberattacks. We present the outlines of the new product portfolio.

According to a press release dated March 2, 2023, IBM will work with Cohesity in the future to help companies combat and impact security breaches and cyber attacks.


The newly established product portfolio "IBM Storage Defender" thus replaces the brand name "Spectrum Protect" established in recent years.

IBM Storage Defender: What does this mean for existing IBM products in their deployment?


In the press article IBM describes what IBM Storage Defender will include:

  • IBM Storage Protect (formerly IBM Spectrum Protect): comprehensive data protection for physical file servers, virtual environments and a wide range of applications (including SaaS-based workloads), where organizations can scale up to manage billions of objects per backup server.
  • IBM Storage FlashSystem: a cyber-resilient all-flash and hybrid storage platform for performance- and capacity-intensive workloads.
  • IBM Storage Fusion: container-native storage and data orchestration for Red Hat OpenShift for modern and forward-looking applications.
  • Cohesity DataProtect: Comprehensive protection for traditional and modern data sources on a multicloud platform. Cohesity DataProtect is designed to enable customers to perform instant recovery at scale and across multiple environments. Cohesity DataProtect enables customers to copy and store data to multiple locations, whether onsite or offsite servers or in multiple clouds. This can ensure that in the event of a cybersecurity breach or disaster - whether natural or due to human error - an up-to-date and accurate copy of the data is available.

The new product is scheduled for launch in the second quarter of 2023 with "Storage Protect" and "Cohesity DataProtect".


What happens with "IBM Spectrum Protect Plus" remains open here. It is not mentioned, will Cohesity replace it completely? The functionalities should be easily implemented with Cohesity.

We see this step as an addition to IBM's existing products, not as a discontinuation of them. It is clear that IBM is responding to the ever more dynamically changing threats and attacks. They are saving valuable time in developing their own solutions by taking the path of a strategic partnership.


Alina Mot
We have been representing both IBM and Cohesity Data Protection on the market for some time. Therefore, we are very well prepared for this event. The concepts and functions have "hand and foot" and are optimally adjusted to current threats and customer requirements. The integration of the two products is therefore not problematic for us; on the contrary, this is exactly the kind of project we specialize in. Therefore, we also assume that both sides will benefit from it. IBM will certainly bring interesting projects for Cohesity. Therefore, we also assume that both sides will benefit from it. IBM will certainly bring interesting projects for Cohesity.“ Alina Mot, CEO

Cohesity contributes a lot to the topic of cyber resiliency and Cyber Vault for IBM, enabling existing customers to take additional preventive measures. 


In this context, we would also like to mention the "clean room features" mentioned above, where Predatar, another third-party provider, will contribute a part to the entire product.


We are also curious to see how the solutions will be presented in the administration of the products. After all, the products already have their own front ends: Will there be a central administration of the products or will we have to use even more different portals for control and monitoring? Questions about licenses will also have to be answered. 

We advise our customers and users to wait and see if there are any innovations planned for this year, or to clarify with us how they want to position themselves. 

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