EventYour backup in the cloud? - Cloudnative solutions with Azure

08. November 2022, 1-2 pm — Online | Without pre-registration

Backup in the cloud: working with cloudnative solutions.

Since 2019, container solutions - hybrid, on-premise or in the cloud - have become more and more prevalent to deal with the ransomware threat with over 150 per cent increase since the beginning of the pandemic crisis.


What is different about container solutions in terms of backup?
Container solutions primarily make use of Kubernetes - or with Kubernetes, development is predominantly already taking place in containers in order to make the most of the advantages of containers in backup right from the start. For example, backups can be carried out at any storage location in a resource-efficient and lean manner, and without variances. This variance in storage targets means that the backup must also be able to scale accordingly. 


This requires a different type of data backup concept that is also prepared for the newer key concepts and requirements in terms of configuration. The backup approach for this should meet the requirements of Kubernetes, be multi-cloud compatible and be able to interact with hyperscalers such as Microsoft Azure & Co - to name just a few core aspects here.


Cloud Native? Container as a Service?
We've heard it all before. And yet many questions remain unanswered. Our experience has shown that the questions are now strongly focused on cloud issues and backup management. Azure in particular is highly attractive to many companies that have already opted for Microsoft elsewhere. That's what we'll be talking about at the Empalis Live Expert Talk on 8 November. And think out loud. Listen in and ask us your questions.


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