Empalis Data Protection Service

Our license and managed service offering for ESA customers

ESA stands for "Embedded Solution Agreement" and offers us, as an IBM partner, the possibility to offer our customers IBM licenses in combination with a comprehensive IT service. As an Empalis customer, you are completely independent of the manufacturer and benefit from our in-depth software expertise.

Our ESA offering consists of back-end TB licenses for the IBM Spectrum Protect Suite or the IBM Spectrum Storage Suite and an extended service.

With Spectrum Protect, you acquire an enterprise class data protection solution that stands out due to its unsurpassed scalability and connectivity to a wide range of storage systems and cloud providers. As a highlight, Spectrum Protect Plus, IBM's data availability solution is included, which provides DevOps, backup testing and instant restore functionalities in unprecedented simplicity software defined.

We also offer access to our Service Engineers via our Service Portal, who will quickly and competently answer and support any request regarding the operation and troubleshooting of the Data Protection infrastructure. The stability and performance of your infrastructure is guaranteed by an initial assessment and recurring analyses by an Empalis specialist.

If necessary, the service can be extended:

Extended Managed Service:
Based on the "Empalis Data Protection Service" offer, all errors on the Spectrum Protect Server are handled independently by Empalis and documented in the ticket portal.
Our Managed Solution includes integrated service for the Spectrum Protect server, backup clients and storage infrastructure at the customer's request. Predefined SLAs ensure that a wide range of customer needs are covered. An update service for continuous up-to-dateness of the backup infrastructure is also possible.

Empalis Appliance:
Spectrum Protect deployments are long-term and expensive? We offer, based on "Empalis Data Protection Service+", pre-packaged servers incl. operation and licenses. This ensures best control over TCO, as a hardware solution or in the cloud. The appliance can be put into operation by pre-configuration and customization of an experienced service engineer. First backup possible after 1 hour!

Tape outsourcing is costly, error-prone and asynchronous. Spectrum Protect offers a unique replication feature coupled with deduplication, compression and encryption to copy data between data centers. Empalis offers as a managed service the operation of the replication instance in your own data center or in the cloud!

ESA Customer Portal

Quick and easy self-service

With our "ESA Customer Portal" we offer you the possibility to download the required programs quickly and easily in self-service without having to rely on an Empalis employee. Here you can download the basic versions of the software components included in the Spectrum Protect Suite, including the product licenses.

IBM Spectrum Protect Suite version 8.1.4 and 8.1.5 contains the following components (as of August 2018):

  • IBM Spectrum Protect Plus
  • IBM Spectrum Protect Extended Edition
  • IBM Spectrum Protect for Databases
  • IBM Spectrum Protect for Enterprise Resource Planning
  • IBM Spectrum Protect for Mail
  • IBM Spectrum Protect for Space Management
  • IBM Spectrum Protect for SAN
  • IBM Spectrum Protect for Virtual Environments
  • IBM Spectrum Protect Snapshot